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Our Data Base

ASA is an online (COA) Confirming Ownership of Autograph database for all your autograph and memorabilia requirements. Each item is assigned a COA code that is linked to the owners certificate of authenticity. The item can then be viewed at anytime anywhere in the world via our database with an image of the autograph and what it has been signed on.

No Tamper Proof Seal

We do not use Tamper Proof decals or stickers to authenticate an item in question. Tampering compromises the integrity of the item itself. Therefore we look at it as a form of irreversible damage that would inflict upon the piece. We firmly believe that this process is totally unacceptable. This is simply a marketing ploy that has no real relevance or adds any verification of the item.


  Please feel to email us regarding any aspect of your autographed item, We would be only too happy to answer any questions you may have. Please no emails/messages asking for discounts on these items.

About Online COA - Certificate of Authenticity

When an item is authenticated by one of our specialist, it is tagged with an official barcode that signifies the COA (certificate of authenticity), and assigned with a 7 digit code that is linked with the provenance of the item. You can then enter the unique barcode number into our Online COA data base listed above at anytime to view the item that we have authenticated.

Please note: We do not transfer ownership of any items sold on by anyone buying from a collectibles dealer. If a different surname is required on the COA please advise at the time of purchase as once the details are uploaded onto the database for security reasons they cannot be changed afterwards.

Who is ASA

The "Authentication Services Australia" (ASA) is an organisational body run for the benefit of its members and the general public, with a view to ensuring that the members can be relied upon to be trustworthy and duly qualified to perform their respective duties.

What do we do? ASA are an authentication business designed to ensure accuracy and validation through the memorabilia industry. We do not work in conjunction with any dealers as an ongoing arrangement. We work individually with each piece of memorabilia that we come by. We recognise that each piece is unique and often times rare.   We are committed to continuously improving our level of expertise and skills within our field of work, and to do everything possible to enhance our reputation of ASA and our relevant stakeholders, as skilled professionals offering honest, authentic and competent services to all of our customers. 

Examination of Signatures & Autographs

When a sufficient amount of writing from two different people is closely examined, there are always identifiable differences. Comparisons of writing samples take into consideration a wide variety of handwriting characteristics including word and letter spacing, slant or slope, speed, pen position, use of capitalization, embellishments, legibility, use of punctuation, and proportion of letters and other attributes.

No one writes with machine-like precision every time, and variations are evident in a person’s handwriting even within the same document. For example, if a person writes an entire page of autographs, each one will vary slightly. Our trained authenticators can discriminate between natural variations in a writer’s own handwriting and significant differences denoting different writers.

Our examiners take into account the various combinations of features present within the writing sample as a whole. In addition, our examiners look for features such as hesitations in the natural flow of writing, possible retouching or unnatural tremors. These may indicate that an unnatural writing process whether its simulation or a disguise has been implemented.

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